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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:13 PM

there's choir today, and somehow, i feel like going early to help the ppl who needs help. ok so here's the thing, this protugal conductor came on tues to give us a master's class. at first, he commented on mr yong's conducting, and taught him how to conduct properly so that we understand him more, and i wondered, "hmm, is he here to teach mr yong or teach us?" then as the time passes, he said we sounded good! he asked mrs on to play a C and he said, B sorry, cause B in portugese is C like french. and we went LOL! so yea that was a pretty good experience. he was kinda fun actually. well, the thing was, i dreamth the night before that the conductor was going to be some young handsome man, blonde or brown hair, blue eyes, muscles everywhere, and it turned out to be a rather nice looking man, white hair. so haha, if it was the kind in my dream, i would've hyperventilated. LOL

the chem lesson has finally finished. phew~ what a complete waste of time for the 1st 2 days. he gave so much worksheets, and didn't even provide the ans so how are we supposed to know if we're correct or not? yes, he went through the answers verbally, but he keeps rephrasing his answers when we ask him to repeat, it's so irritating! and he says, our distinction is only 60%, yea and you know why it never rises, because of his teaching technique. giving us a gazillion papers won't help if there's no answers you know... even a student has to teach him that? omg... the 3rd day was constructive though. the relief teachers gone through a few questions with us, with the answers that they provided. thank goodness this time the answers are placed properly on powerpoint or word whatever, so that we could copy it down.. thank you relief teachers. hui qi was reaching her chi book throughout the lesson. then she closed the book and went, "AHHH! I finished alr they haven't finish???!!"

things at home were pretty well. my laptop came back to life and that's like so great! i finished most of my hmk, haha. time to do some studying and some mindmaps for my sec 3 topics, esp bio. got a gazillion mindmaps to do.. sighs. i finished the draft for the mindmap on human eye. i thought its gonna be a long chapter, but it was actually a very very very very short one. cos most of it is learned in physics alr. abt the converging lens. the lens you find in the eye a i dunno how many times smaller than the converging lends you find in the phy lab.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 2:31 AM

there's this stupid forfeit tmr damn it...??? no A math test tmr so kinda relaxed for now haha. i find that i'm actually lying to my parents. that time saturday, i said i was going to my friend's hse to do project, when i was actually practising for the forfeit. u know what happens when we can't do the forfeit. sunday same thing. i didn't tell them that i had to practise for a forfeit simply because they would not allow me to go if it was such a reason. i know them too well. so if htey don't trust that i can mange my time, complete my work first before going, then why should i trust them???

oh my gosh
Monday, March 7, 2011 3:49 AM

when was the last time i posted??? last year?? gosh.. to lazy to blog ler bahs, although i still check my blog every now and then. okayyyy, here's the thing, there's this stupid forfeit on wed. really stupid sia... got the lowest score for the quiz so gotta do a forfeit. then our grp like take such a forfeit seriously, even met up on sat and sun to prac the stupid dance LMAO. well... angela texted me saying that we're supposed to meet on SUNDAY but i saw the freaking word as SATURDAY so i ended up making my way to her hse at 9 am, texting her that i was so stupid enough to see the wrong day, and woke her from her beauty sleep hahhahaaa, i was sorry that i came at the wrong day, but i was not sry that i woke her from her sleep MUAHAHAHAH

okay, um... lots of tests this week. i'm not so worried abt e-math vectors, can't be that hard, learnt most of it from phy alr. the worst is a math! trigo man... sianz... the sin cos and tan make our brains go seriously WILD.... then there's geog timed prac, which we had to take it like a TEST cos she's gonna KILL us if we didn't reach our target. sighs. everyone ended up choosing 13 out of 15 for the paper. some chose 12 but she just wrote down 13. lol...

then there's ss. nearly fell asleep, then eng, totally switched off. then timed prac phy. go phy lab. hey ms lin gave us chocolate-biscuit to eat. i chose hazelnut flavour cos that flavour dominated the whole box haha. she's sooo nice hmmm haha~

then there's choir! haha, i'm like.. the only sec 4 who came on time fro choir even though i got timed prac. the rest either asking teacher ques or just simply taking their own sweet time to come here..... is it so hard to walk faster. and when teacher say can go liao just go lorrrr still dilly dally... there's a reason why timed prac ends at 4... u know it ends at the time where choir starts, and still dun have a sense of urgency... so disgusting...

at the end of choir, there was this announcement abt detention for ppl who can't sing in choir. it's like WTH???? it's so stupid......

oh and.. i failed turot just so u know. i only passed kaze and wind. turot's kinda hard even though it looks easy. ther's no piano nothing. u can't rely on anyt to get yr note...

Sunday, October 17, 2010 2:48 AM

woohooO!!! exams are finally over, now its PARTAE time! YAY! oh ya, i just realised, in the beginning of this year, i was same height as my mum, but now, i find that i'm taller than mer cos i could look over her head. haha!

well, i'm gonna keep this short. too lazy to type any more stuff. i'll type when i feel like. =D

if u wanna get me smth for my bday, u could give me a new guitar case. i would seriously need one. =P ^^

Sunday, September 26, 2010 2:37 AM

This will be the 201st post. Ok, there's English paper on Thursday and I'm still here blogging. Ah, well, i studied S.S already! And i did a heck a lot of A math cos Mrs Chiu gave so much worksheets, so I just gotta do it. I tried doing split.. haha, sounds funny. and of course, I didn't succeed. Hey, you can't just learn split in a day. LOL.

CCAs stand down ler. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. One thing, I'm one of the few few people who's committed to choir. I'm one of the few people who likes choir, and enjoys their time there. So, yea, I'm gonna miss choir. Won't be having it till the EOY is over, which is about next month. Sigh... EOY... it's something that I don't wanna talk about right now.

I'm feeling tired..... and tonight gotta ta pao from downstairs hawker center. I seriously don't know what to eat. Seems like anything that I eat from outside will be me fat. URGH... Tuesdays and Wednesdays are two days for me to skip lunch. I have to have lunch on Monday because there's choir, surely I wouldn't want to faint. Choir on Thursdays as well. Friday is a day to go home early, so there's no skipping lunch... Well, I know it's unhealthy.... to skip meals... ah... it's difficult to understand if you're not me.

i'm seriously tired
Saturday, September 25, 2010 3:57 AM

ok... the title tells you everything. I'm really really tired... Not of my life. I just went for a jog, and now I'm totally exhausted. Guess what? Grandma's gone to uncle's house to stay! I can finally have my darling room back! HAHA!

Today's Saturday. I'm hungry. Ok, that was totally random. The main thing is....... there's the F1 race today!!!!! I'm so gonna stay up late to watch it! TOTALLLYYYY!!!!!!! I have every reason to stay late! OOO there's gonna be Lewis Halmilton, the hottie! XP! LMAO TEEHEEE I'm excited! Hope, fingers crossed, that it doesn't rain. I hope the weather's gonna be perfect for the event. =)

I'm so into choir pieces lately. I spent the afternoon searching for choir songs sung by different choirs, written by different composers from various countries, and I have to say.... my school's choir is nowhere near the choirs that we hear on youtube. The ones we hear online are those purest, cleanest sounds. Well, that's mainly because the place allows echoic sound, thus, it probably enhanced the sound.

Ok, i'm really really hungry. Guess i gotta go take dinner now. I know the time that you see me post this really weird. But the time now is 7.06 p.m, so yea, IT'S DINNER TIMEEE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010 4:38 AM

gahh, i just realised, all my titles in my posts are one word titles.. hehe, i think i'm just lazy to put a proper title there. sigh.. guess wat? it's SUNDAY. yea, and there's sch tmr. grrrr.... but this sunday, something goooodddd happened. ya wanna know? today dun have ai! LOL! not that it's a gd thing but grandma can't watch it today cos got the charity show. for once, i really like the charity show taking over this slot. =P. haha!

yesterday was a BLAST! it's granny's bday (i dunno how old she is now. ps)! WOOHOOO! eldest aunt was the first to arrive with her son. then the food came. we set up the table. they helped, of course. then youngest uncle came, with his whole family, and yea, that means my favourite cousins came too! hehes. one of them is same age as me, while the other one is 18 this year. my other cousins are WAY WAY older than me. then, my niece came! she's abt 8 mths, and she's adorable! cried when grandma held her, and took less than a second to calm down when her mother carried her (her mother is my cousin's wife btw). and my bro said, she resembles a lot like me when i was her age. i didn't allow any1 except my parents to carry me. xD then more and more strolled in.

i watched bro and cousin jam on computer games almost throughout the whole session. then 2 cousins say that i got very straight hair, they thought i rebonded, but i told them no. it's naturally straight. lol, they prob realised it's really straight cos they never see me let down my hair b4. haha. so.... at abt 9 something, aunt took granny to airport to see my cousin who just came back from a holiday. OH yea, i almost forgot smth. my cousin, who got married almost a year ago, is pregnant! yay! she's 6 months pregnant! that mean i'm gonna have another niece. i was actually so damn shocked when she came into the house with a big big stomach, and my first instinct was like, "WHAT?" and i was thinking, "OHHHH!!! I'M GONNA HAVE ANOTHER NIECE OR NEPHEW!!!" LMAO... okk that's abt it.

then when bro was playing the game. he anyhow shove innocent citizens and stab them when he's not supposed to.. then the character he's controlling jump and run on roofs, and when he dived from roofs, and landed safely, we all stunt leh! we went like, he jump like that still cannot die ah? LOL damn epic.

okays, i gotta go b4 mum screams at me to go do other things. ciao~

You can call me HY. I opened my eyes to this world on November the 12th, 1995. I graduated from Concord Pri Sch in 2007 and began a new life in Bukit Panjang Gov High Sch in 2008. I was in 103, and 203 in sec 1 and 2, then 3T1 this year. Choir is my life, as well as my second family. The altos are my sisters!

Ah, well, I'm shy at first, but once you get to really know me, I'm actually a nasty and annoying little pest. You may think I'm fourth dimensional because I'm crazily immersed in my guitar.

I desire a set of headphones!! GAH!!!

I'm not attractive and not talented. I'm not perfect, and I like it.

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